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10 Causes of Unexplained Weight Gain

If you are doing everyting right, but just can’t seem to shed those pounds off of your body, maybe you are taking or doing something that you didn’t know contributes to weight gains. These are just potential factors to consider, of course you first need to look at your diet and fitness plan to make sure you are not taking in more calories than your body needs.

  1. Antidepressants – Drugs like Prozac or Xoloft are often take to counter the effects of depression. Unfotunately, these medicaions and reduce your metabolic rate and can cause hormonal changes that really impact your body and your appetite (making you hungrier)..
  2. Steroids – We are not talking about the steroids that weight lifters take to get huge, of course those pack on muscle and weight. We are talking about steroids like prednisone which is frequently prescribed for people suffering from arthritis, skin rashes, or even asthma. They cause you to retain water and accordingly, add weight.
  3. Diabetes medications – If you are diabetic or border-line diabetic and taking Diabeta or Diabinese they can actually cause weight gain too..
  4. Heartburn treatments – If you suffer from acide reflux or any garden variety heartburn you may find yourself on Prevacid or Nexium. These drugs can sometimes cause a slight weight gain (partially due to the relief you feel from your symptoms).
  5. Birth control – Due to the hormonal nature of birth control pills it is very common to experience a slight weight gain when you start taking "the pill." It is rarely more than a few pounds.
  6. Migraine relievers – If you experience migraine headaches and find yourself fighting weight gain you might want to consult your physician to see if they can prescribe a different medicine for the migraines that is known to have less of an effect on weight gain.
  7. Seizure preventatives – If you experience seizures and are taking regular medication you may want to see if you can switch to Zonegran or some medication known to be weight neutral.
  8. Lack of sleep – If you don’t get enough sleep normally 8 hours per night, your body can’t function as it normally would and begins to store more fat.
  9. Stress – Our bodies do not react to stress well (all kinds of stress work, family, or a combination). Stress causes the body to slow down as well meaning you can also begin to store more fat due to the stress.
  10. Lack of fiber – Fiber is really an interesting thing, the more fiber you eat the fuller you feel so lack of fiber can cause you to eat more than you normally would, you might switch to a high-fiber diet and see if that helps you lose weight..

There are many different factors that can cause you to struggle with losing weight. If you feel like you have exhausted the obvious things like diet and exercise, then you should look at these and other possible causes of weight gain to see if you can identify something other than diet and exercise that could be causing problems for you.

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