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Definition of a Fireman – Job Requirements

Definition of a fireman: A worker assigned to a fire department who is responsible for engaging in fighting and extinguishing fires. They also protect life and property and generally are under the management of the fire chief who reports to the city manager or sometimes the mayor.

A fireman has a really difficult job that is really the ultimate in danger and actually one of the most selfless careers that a person could pursue. Whether they are rescuing people from a burning building, caring for their medical needs, or rescuing a cat from a tree (yes, they do actually do this sometimes although very infrequently).

Before pursuing a career as a fire fighter you really need to decide if you are able to put people’s needs ahead of your own survival as is often required on the job. You also need to be able to make a split second judgment call as sometimes you have to decide who to save based upon their likelihood of survival. It’s tough to have to leave people behind at times knowing that you may not be able to get back to them. Actually, it’s pretty hard to fully explain to someone that is not in this line of work.

Every fire fighter has to pass the following tests:

1) Exams include theory and physical tests.
2) You have to pass a physical exam.
3) You have to pass psychological tests including a polygraph (lie detector test).
4) You generally will have to get through an in-person interview with the department.
5) You need to be a certified first responder with defibrillation (CFR-D)

Other Requirements

1) You normally have to be 21 years old or older with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.
2) You have to be a U.S. citizen.
3) You generally have to have a valid U.S. driver license.

With those basic requirements you also have to compete with a lot of other candidates. It’s highly recommended that you pursue a college degree (associate’s or bachelor’s). You will definitely have an advantage if you get a Fire Science degree from an accredited college.

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