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We’ve all been in, seen, or heard of some bad accidents. Well here are 25 vehicles that are totaled; some I’m not even sure how they did it.

and what causes most accidents…

Vehicle accident stats show that at a minimum of four people involved in automobile accidents die every hour. These accidents can be due to the fault of the driver, the other driver, or due to a defective vehicle. What is important to take into account is how many fatalities occur every day, excluding the people involved in automobile accidents and sustaining serious personal injuries.

The leading causes for automobile accidents are reckless and negligent driving and also alcohol. Teens, according to the data, cause the majority of automobile accidents. Lack of experience coupled with irresponsible behavior as well as a lack of respect for the safety precautions are the primary causes for such a large number of teenage automobile accidents.

One more reason is the inattentiveness of the driver. Many individuals talk while driving, which may well end up being fatal since it distracts the driver from the road. Despite the fact that hands-free cell phones are the latest trend, the driver will be unable to focus on the road while on the phone. The most effective option is always to park and then take the call, or not take the call whatsoever while driving. These regulations have recently been implemented in several states.

Inattentiveness may also be caused as a result of alcohol, drugs, or the driver being distracted by music inside the car. This may prove to be risky to other drivers on the road and may result in either distracting them with reckless driving or causing side or rear end accidents due to inattentiveness. Such carelessness may even cause pileups on highways and must be averted at every cost.

Automobile accidents may be extremely traumatic, often affecting the individual throughout their life. Besides the physical injuries that may result because of the accident, psychological stress may also be a result. Several precautions can eliminate the prospect of accidents on the roads and provide a safety net. It’s recommended to follow the safety road rules and never drive while on the phone or while on drugs or alcohol.