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Top 20 Blogs For Firefighters

Firefighters face life and death every time they go to work, and many times in between. They see and deal with situations that many people could never imagine. They are husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, but most of all they are Heroes. Here are 20 sites that help tell their stories, show their work and help educate the public.

General Firefighter Blogsfirefighter

Backstep Firefighter’s Blog – This blog is laid out to provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format. There is a ton of information here about all topics of firefighting.

Firefighter Blog – Brought to you by Mike Morales, this site covers the topics of larger wildland fires and issues relating to dealing with those fires.

Firefighter Hourly.com – Jay Lowry works hard in this blog to provide daily content to firefighters across the nation. The topics in the blog cover a wide range from “firefighters hire account to look at city finances” to “Detroit firefighter injured in blaze”.

The Kitchen Table – This site, brought to you by many different firefighters, is a place for firefighters to stay up to date with the growing about of news that’s online. If it’s important, if it’s news, it’s here.

Firefighter Spot – Home of the best firefighting video, this site does a great job of delivering great information, news and video’s.

Firegeezer – Firegeezer is delivered to you by three firefighters with over 90 years of experience between them. Topics in this site range from aircraft, cars, crime, culture, fire, to education. If you have a question, these guys have the answer.

Firehouse Zen – As a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program and holding a degree in Fire Science Technology from Savannah Technical Institute, Mick uses this blog to educate and motivate response individuals. Mick as a long line of service, awards and commendations, making this blog a must read.

The Bravest Online – As a college student studying television, Chris started filming fires. At the request of many, he honed his skills of filming and put together this blog to have a place to share his videos and stories. With videos and stories from all over, this is a great site to see some of the situations firefighters have to deal with.

thehousewatch.com – This site is stocked full of information, news and reviews, with topics from “Juniority” to “tactical safety: great followers make good leaders”. With information going back to 2007, this site has what you need.

The Happy Medic – AS a firefighter/paramedic with one of the nation’s busiest fire departments in San Francisco, the Happy Medic uses this blog to talk about dispatches and the actions taken when they arrive.


Fire wives.com – Fire Wives is an online forum for support and conversation for everything from fire to diets, for the women behind the heroes.

North American Fire Fighters Veteran Network – As fire fighters and first responders are being increasingly challenged to meet operation assignment demands, N.A.F.F.V.N. is dedicated to the education of fire fighters, and first responders. Acute stress, job burnout and post traumatic stress reactions on the front line are becoming more evident in North America. We all need to become better educated in order to respond to the needs of the First Responders. Education has the power to move a negative outcome into a positive one. First Responders, both professional and volunteer, will have access to the educational tools on this website in order to grow and learn within their discipline.

For The Kids

Kids Firefighter – In trying to help his son find information about fire fighters online, Dave realized that there wasn’t much for kinds out there, so he decided to start this blog. In this blog, Dave brings you all sorts of kid friendly topics such as the” LFD Christmas video” to “Fire Truck Christmas Parade”. If your kids have an interest or if you want to educate them more about fire fighters, this is a great site to take them too.

Firefighter Dayna – As a firefighter for Johnson County RFD #1, Dayna loves to educate about fire safety. Using this blog, and the departments fire safety dog, Sparkles, she works hard to teach kids about fire safety, through tips, videos, games, and photos. If you are trying to teach your kids how to be safe, this is one site that you don’t want to skip.

News, Reviews, and SuppliesBullard-Wildfire-Wildland-Firefighters-LSS_i_LBM25162_01S

The Fire Critic – Rhett Fleitz has set this site up to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of fire fighting. He strives to maintain a professional view of issues concerning firefighters while not shying away from issues that some people may not like.

California Fire News – This site focuses on wildland fires throughout the state, bringing you the real scoop on fire news when you need it.

Fire Rescue 1 – Fire Rescue 1 has everything from news, to the hot products, with review and advice to help keep the firefighters safe. With member news, product news, safety alerts, videos, and hot topics, this site has it all.

Firefighter Close Calls – This site works hard to bring you the untold stories of firefighters “close calls”, from injuries to deaths, what happened and how, in an attempt to help educate and save lives.

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