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10 Really Expensive Car Fires

Exotic cars are fun to own and drive, but they are also very expensive. Can you imagine having a car worth over half million and watching it burn to the ground? The question you have to ask, is if you have the money to buy they type of car is it the same as someone who can only afford a $ 50,000 car watching it burn? Most of the exotic cars these days are made of composite materials which when burning, burn very hot and very fast. I’m not sure but I know I’d be coming unglued to watch these cars shown below burn. Here are 10 exotic car fires.


#10. Lotus S3 Esprit -

1982 Lotus S3 Esprit
Name Of Car:1982 Lotus S3 Esprit
How:Engine Fire

#9. Lamborghini Gallardo -

Lamborghini Gallardo
Name Of Car:Lamborghini Gallardo
How:Engine Fire

#8. Lamborghini Gallardo -

Lamborghini Gallardo Fire
Name Of Car: 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo
Where: London, England
How: Engine Fire
Value: $212,000

#7. Ferrari F430 -

Ferrari F430 Fire
Name Of Car: Ferrari F430
Where: Romania
How: Burst into flames following crash
Value: $227,000

#6. F430 Spider -

F430 Spider
Name Of Car:F430 Spider
How:Engine Fire

#5. 612 Scaglietti -

612 Scaglietti Fire
Name Of Car: 2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Where: Moscow, Russia
How: Engine Fire
Value: $320,000

#4. Lamborghini Miura -

Flaming Miura
Name Of Car:1972 Lamborghini Miura
Where:Reichenburg, Germany
How: Car Fire
Value: $350,000

#3. Lamborghini Murceilago -

Lamborghini Murceilago
Name Of Car:Lamborghini Murceilago
How:Engine Fire

#2. Ferrari Enzo -

Ferrari Enzo Fire
Name Of Car:2003 Ferrari Enzo
Where:Okanagan Falls, BC
How:Engine Fire

#1. McLaren F1 -

McLaren F1 Fire
Name Of Car:McLaren F1
Where:Santa Rosa, California
How:Engine Fire

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